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October was the national breast cancer awareness month and since we just ended the month about a week ago I thought I would take a minute to discuss breast cancer. Incidentally I am very involved in studying the health care system, however it is more on a theoretical side. I am the idealistic spouse, David is the one who actually has the lived experience with the health care system. I'll save more of my thoughts on health care for a later date right now I'd rather focus on boobs.

In the field of morbidity and mortality there does seem to be a kind of dark competition for the #1 position of critical illness between heart disease and cancer (statistically heart disease won this year), as sad as that may be it's understandable when you look at the need of each organization that focus' on one of these. I need not begin my own propaganda on this subject (it will never end) rather I wanted to lay a few facts out since we all know and love women whether they be ourselves or others. I don't mean to sound like an after school special but "knowing is half the battle" so here goes;

  • There are several kinds/types of breast cancer

  • Breast cancer is the second most popular cancer in women

  • #1 cause of cancer death in Hispanic women, #2 for the rest

  • Risk of incidence and mortality increase with age

  • there has been a decrease over the last 3 years in incidence & mortality (this is good)

  • Women who are higher educated are more likely to seek a mammography

(all facts & statistics were retrieved by the CDC website)

The last bullet point is the most interesting and should be discussed. Why? It is likely that women who are higher educated are more likely to take preventative measures because they have there "own" physician who has discussed breast screenings with them and they may have the means (financial, transportation, higher comfort levels with physicians) than lower educated since there is a direct connection between education and income (mind you this is based on research not just my opinion and there are always exceptions to the rule). This is why it's so important that you and the women you love are aware that breast checks can be free. You can check at home and/or you can seek free breast cancer checks through various organizations. I know I may have brought up an uncomfortable topic for some blogger's and may have made some arguable points, but my focus is in getting your attention. So please share the info and encourage others. the CDC site provides sites that walk you through how to do a self examination and other information.

If you have a cancer story (regardless of the type) please share it. Talking about cancer is part of the awareness process and your voice gives a face and a reality to others.


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