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Egg Meet Sperm

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About 1.5 years ago I was lying in bed in pure agony longing for the day when I could wake up without the instant sensation of what we now term as morning sickness. I perfer to call it hell. Yup, for me it is a constant all day need to surrender anything that can be found in my stomach as well as, a continual dislike for anything that qualifies as food (this last about 16 weeks). As I laid there in bed July of 2006 I realized 2 things. 1, I knew what was on every channel any time of day (I was my own tv guide) and 2, I would be crazy to ever go through this again.

Call me crazy.

My Disclaimer: Both children were "surprises" I would go into detail but really is that necessary?!

Since there isn't much I can do physically at this point I thought I would freshen up my blog page.


i don't think i even knew you guys were pregnant again. congrats!

Awesome post.

Our sons have the exact same sweater.

haven't heard anything from you guys in awhile.

update please.

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