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Okay so it's not really a secret, but I refused to announce via blog these two events till my tickets were safe in hand. Yup I'm just that selfish (see I need to go).

March 28-29/ John Piper Desiring /God Conference/ San Luis Obispo, CA
This man is too much in a good way. If you get a chance join us. Tickets are $20 (no joke)

April 17 /Donald Miller/ The story & nature of the gospel /Fresno, CA
Enjoyable author, whom I've blogged about before. His take on life and faith is truly refreshing.

Now that you know I hope to see you at one of these. Two VERY different men, one VERY same God. HURRY get your tickets!!!


i will keep you in prayer sister about your selfishness...LOL...
so um where would one buy tickets for donald miller?

Luis from myspace

March 17 means


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