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Today we went to my other bank...Target ( I like to say it with an accent it just makes me feel better). About an hour into our trip (most of you know Target is an hour store) I look down and discover my sweet sweet son has disposed of his left shoe without notice. At this point we have been around the store twice via the "outside" path and have gone down 2 of the 3 main Target "freeways" and swept through the picture isle. This leaves me with a lot of territory to cover. I weigh the "is this really worth it?" scale and discover something about myself. I hate to lose things. I think it's part of the control freak in me. I must know where everything is...hence my obsession with organization and cleanliness. I digress.... So we swept the store. I'm a women on a mission. All the time my son sits and smiles at words. Yes, I know he can't talk but looking back on it I truly believe his nonverbals where screaming in laughter. after an additional 15minutes of "brisk" search and recover I look down and low and behold the shoe is on the bottom of the cart. Thank you win.


i advise you stop keeping score while hes a little ahead. i feel very strongly that this gap will only continue to grow and if concrete numbers are attached to our relationship with our kids....well....i feel we may give up. love, the woman whose daughter B*%ch slapped her in line at the bank

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