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Good Ole' Clovis

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I am not from Clovis so I guess I don't consider myself a true "clovisarian", however, David grew up in old town clovis. So this morning we trekked out to Pollasky street to view the Rodeo Parade. Some observations:
1. People like to find reasons to sit in the sun for long periods of time.
2. No matter how ridiculous an old man riding a suped up go-cart is you still find yourself cheering when surrounded by balloons, candy, and kids.
3. Parades' are band-o's time to shine.
4. Horses poop no matter whose watching.
5. Horns can be applied to anything inanimate.
6. Sodas are okay at 9:30am if your at a parade.
7. Clovis is like a piece of the lone star state that got lost.
8. You can ride a car?


Yeah for the Rodeo Parade! It's true unless you grew up in Clovis, it's just weird. Eric makes fun of the ol Honkie Tonk Parade. But to me it's great.

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