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Life Changes

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Something I've noticed about myself: With every life change I alter my hair (or my house). I would go so far as to say this is a "women" thing but I know plenty of women who do not feel the need to alter their appearance b/c of life and I know pleny of guys who do (ie. mid-life crisis). So at 8.5 months prego I once again altered something.

What do you "do or alter" with life changes?

I am loving the bangs!! I am definitely a hair alterer when life job, lets get bangs. Unhappy with self, lets dye hair to hide. Feeling good, lets gets a sassy cut, color, etc. Just today I was wishing I had the time to pop in a place and chop it all off, get two different colors, whatever. And this is always a reflection of something new going on with me. Either that or I just hate my hair!

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