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Hubs going back to work and I'm starring at two children and realizing I'm out numbered.
I'm soliciting advice. I've joined the world of households with multiple children and I'm looking for information. Please share what you wish someone would have told you about having two + kids. What's been the biggest help? What you wished your knew before and even what your struggling with now.
4 comments:'s what I've learned:

It really doesn't hurt them to cry...even if they're staring at you with puppy dog eyes and crocodile tears. If it's a tantrum, plop them in their rooms. You'll thank yourself for it.

The TV really can be a babysitter for a half an hour without guilt. (Take a shower while the oldest watches tv and the youngest is napping).

Something that I think was helpful for the transition of my kids having a sibling, was to say outloud to the baby, "I know you're crying, but Noah asked for a drink so you will have to be patient while I get it, then I will pick you up." Obviously, the baby didn't care what I was saying, but Noah sure did. It let him know that he didn't all of the sudden become second fiddle. KWIM?

Realize the one thing that makes you crazy about a dirty house (for,'s a dirty kitchen and dirty floors) and then make an effort to do ONLY those things on a regular basis (at least for a while). Don't overwhelm yourself with cleaning the whole house. And get your kids to help you! But honestly, let it go for a won't kill ya or make your kids sick! They're used to their own dirty germs! :)

The thing I still struggle with is raising the decibal of my voice to match theirs. I have two boys and my house is noisy! So, how does Mommy get their attention? She just makes a louder yell than they're yelling. Not good. And it scares the girl cousins! asked...I told! Hope that helps!

Oh, I forgot to add that sometimes, some cuddle time really can fix everything, for everyone!

I feel your pain on being outnumbered. This last month & a half of being a single parent to 3 kids while hubby is away training is killing me.

But it's true...letting Titus watch tv while Ry sleeps and you do laundry/take a shower/make a meal isn't going to make him a couch potato. I promise ;)

Thanks! Yes tv has become a helpmate at this point and I'm becoming okay with that. Besides now little dude can sing the "hotdog" song (mickey mouse clubhouse) and that provides a good laugh.

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