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Last Monday Dave and I went on a "date night". Funny how one gets married and suddenly has to schedule romance and one on one time, seems ironic. So we're out at sushi and in a very tactful way my husband has a one person intervention with me. I come to find out that I need some "Krystin" time. I think the wording was more along the lines of "Babe, I think you need to let other people watch the kids a few times a week so you can go have some time to yourself. Maybe grab some coffee, read a book, get a pedicure."

I was in shock! The shock was more over the encouragement to spend money but really, I had no idea I was becoming crazy, grumpy, grunge mom. This whole time I thought I was taking some "me" time. I found out breast feeding while reading or folding laundry and watching the dvr at night doesn't count as "me" time.

So today this crazy, grumpy, grunge mom grabbed some coffee and cashed in her pedicure gift certificate without kiddos or multitasking. Well I guess drinking coffee, reading trash magazines, and having your feet rubbed is multitasking but I hear it's acceptable.


Good for you! I hope you enjoyed every minute of it.

Good for Dave for bringing that up! I don't think I'd ever hear those words out of my hubby's mouth! And yay for you for getting some time for yourself!!

You have the cutest toes! We share some genetics so why aren't my toes so cute?!? Kudos for you for taking some "krystin" deserve it!

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