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baby proof tree

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is a must. I have a 5 month old and a (almost) 2 year old and now I'm bringing in a very large tree with needles, decorating it with hooks, glass, shinny, and sparkling things and then telling them not to touch it. I consider that cruelty. If I was a kid I'd want to climb it, let alone touch the shinny, sparkling items that call out to my left and right hand.

As a "momma" I try to scope out "things that could injure my child" second by second and the Xmas (if your one of those people that hate Xmas b/c it takes Christ out of Christmas please look up the historical background to the use of "X") tree seems to scream "D.A.N.G.E.R." So I laid aside my desire to "dazzle" the tree and took an extremely practical approach...bows. I tied bows all over our tree this way if Titus takes off with one, big deal. Here's my tree;


Good job on getting the tree up! My prob this year is Justus is old enough to handle the privilege of touching the tree but Haven is not. So I had to restrict Justus. I hate doing it cause he is so careful and gentle. But for safety sake I told him after we decorated it the tree was a "no touch." We'll see....

Love it! When Reagan was 18 months he took all the ornaments off the bottom half of our tree, put them in a box and pushed the box under his crib. I guess that what I get for hanging candy on the tree.

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