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For the next few weeks I will resign myself to generic photos and such due to my camera's deterioration. There have been many ideas I've wanted to share since my last post but I insisted on waiting for my camera to revive itself. After a few "laying on hands" attempts I have finally realized my camera is dying. However, I refuse to let my blog die along with my camera. This shall be no Shakespearian situation with that said the blog must go on.

My apologies for the boring images to follow.

Oh No! I hope you at least got some pictures of Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I talked to my sis, and I am planning on coming Feb 7th - 15th. And I will be flying, so no treacherously driving in the snow. Can't wait to see you!

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I talk WAY too much about absolutely nothing, but it's my own way of getting to what actually matters. Too analytical but at times it comes in handy. Enjoy hearing peoples stories. Get bugged by stereo-type people. Bad speller. Secretly lazy. Quasi OCD. Carry a constant frustration for the marginalization within America. Sarcastic. Suffer from (UL) aka uncontrollable laughter...never know when it's going to hit.

On my night stand

  • Foster's: Celebration of Discipline
  • Gawande's : Better
  • Macarthur's: New Testiment Commentary
  • Orman: Women & Money
  • Pausch's: The Last Lecture
  • Rowling's: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Safran's: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • Young's: The Shack

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