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Last week my dog ran away. Our first child is a large great dane (I suppose large is repetitive). Perhaps his reasons for running had to do with the incessant taunting by all the strays or it may have been the birds. Yes, the birds that my great dane (Luther) has chased full heartily right into the fence ( I never said he was a smart dog). Anyhoo, Luther managed to run full force into our fence and break free ( now that I think about it this may have been planned).
Within minutes I received a call that my dog had made a run for it and the location of his last sighting (props to friendly & courageous neighbors). I woke David (he works nights and sleeps days) and off he went to retrieve our runaway. I imagined being a dog in a typical track home yard and I knew Luther would not succumb to the enticement of a ride in the car.
I was wrong. David found Luther laying down (yup) on a grassy area not far from our street. what happened to this free spirit that sprung from his suburban prison? He TIRED! My dog is LAZY. He made it a couple of blocks and pooped out. I can't blame the heat b/c this was during the cool off and I know he gets walks ( I take him).
My dog has grown accustom to his suburban life and upon his liberation he realized his dreams of freedom, cats, fire hydrants, and running were basically just that...dreams. Given the opportunity he would rather be found on his bed in the air conditioned house or in the yard attempting to catch a bird through barking.
This made me consider my own suburban life and my own day dreams. Dreams of living life like Bear (if you don't watch man vs. wild you should). I wonder how many of us though we complain of our daily constraints and responsibilities who dream of new people and experiences given the opportunity would do precisely what Luther did and find a comfortable spot near familiarity and wait once again. I don't believe that I am incapable of life outside suburbia. I do wonder though, if I'm now LAZY, TIRED, COMFORTABLE and PREOCCUPIED.
I suppose I have projected my own inner fears upon my dog. Luther really can't communicate his dreams and aspirations to me, but he did convey his own realization that the grass is not always greener on the other side!

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