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A Hale-Yeah Date Night Review

In honor of a fellow blogger Brian who often provides reviews of his date nights with his wife I am reviewing my own date night w/ my hubby. David and I date night weekly. We live in American and can have the luxury of "connecting" while simultaneously dropping a few $$$. Also it's nice to be alone and it's our only way to devise plans to ensure the monarchy is not overtaken by the children.

I don't plan to review weekly but I am compelled to review this experience.
We like new. New is good (usually). We dined at Lantana's. Meat = happy hubby. However, after dining we left with the strange feeling of shame and disillusionment.
Yes, we had been violated by a restaurant. I had been robbed by an overpriced wanna-be important restaurant. Both our meals comprised only a fourth of the plate but the price could have paid for gas in my SUV for a month! The worst part...the food was decent at best. Though the environment was wonderful I still could have done with out the interruptions every 6 minutes by the staff (we were one of 4 couples in the place). And I could really have done w/out the lunch menu being posted outside during dinner hours (tricky tricky).

I wouldn't consider us cheap. We enjoy nice restaurants and we really enjoy food that's been given the proper attention and preparation, but in the end we contemplated the dine and dash option. We didn't dash, we were trapped by glass doors separating us from freedom (it was as if they knew). If I could do it again I wouldn't and if you have the opportunity to...DON'T. We had a better time at coffee devouring coffee cake and discussing how we were going to explain to Titus that we just ate his college fund.

Totally agree on the Lantana review and thanks for the "shout-out". holla back atcha!

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