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The first Thursday of every month a very cool event takes place in Fresno. I know...I know I said Fresno and cool in the same sentence. For all you Fresno critics out there (myself included) I have to admit there are some great things that go on in this lil' ole' town. You see a few years back some folks decided to support local artist and so began the Art Hop. I am particularly a fan since this month my brother (in-law) showcased some of his own work. the Art Hop takes place all over town at various venues, from about 5pm to 9pm though typically it goes longer thanks to Full Circle Brewery. Most of the artist showcase their work (passion, art, livelyhood, etc.) downtown or there abouts, but there are also venues in N.E. Fresno for those of you who fear anything south of Herndon (I kid not). On one last note...its FREE.

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  • Orman: Women & Money
  • Pausch's: The Last Lecture
  • Rowling's: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
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