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Football Widow

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I am a football season widow. I'm sure you've heard of us...we're the spouses that lose our significant others during the months of September thru January. When I say lose I mean lose. If it's Sunday or Monday I know where and what my husband will be doing. David's team is da Bears and some of you know last year was a big year for them...though disappointing in the end. Which only perpetuated the dedication. Dave's been a fan for over 20 years (wow when I say that I feel like an adult) but I had NO idea what I was getting myself into even though we dated for 4.5 years prior to marriage. I suppose it's because we didn't share a T.V.. Last year as the Superbowl approached David was shopping for a "Superbowl outfit" for Titus (he wasn't even out of the womb). Needless to say, at this point I'm not fighting it and I've found a healthy compromise. We now own 2 televisions. I just wish I could understand the appeal. The only time I enjoyed watching football was when David played in college, but I think I just enjoyed watching Dave. So help me...why is football worth watching?

LOL...well i am not much help here since it does not have the same appeal to me. I would rather be playing sports; i really can't watch them, except maybe the playoffs (and even then I watch the superbowl for the commercials). Only thing I can think of when I have been invited to a football weekend at a friend’s house it a “guy thing”. And what I mean buy this is the bonding, competition that my team is better than yours, ummm no girly stuff to deal with just testosterone guy stuff, which is easy for us to understand, sports puts life (in this case football) in much more simple terms to deal with. See in my case I would be playing paintball every weekend if I could, it’s a very simple concept…I shoot you or you shoot me…..a shot to the face is the best “Die sucker”....LOL….sorry that was my testosterone talking. Honesty it’s just a guy thing, there stuff we “guys” don’t get about you “girls” because it’s just a girl thing. Sorry I am not more helpful, my education and degrees only deal with electronics, networking computer systems and network engineering, and I don’t watch enough Dr. Phil to have a more qualified answer…LOL…but I hope I added a little light to your search

Luis from myspace

Thanks for your thoughts. It's interesting that you made this a "girl" thing/issue. I didn't intend to indicate this being a "girl" issue. I personally know plenty of "girls" who love football.

hehe i didn't mean it that way as in its a "girl" thing issue. I also know plenty of "girls" who love football, but it still different for us, its guy time, and its more personal for us. We don’t have the same social ability that you girls have. For example women from a young age (pretty much birth) are much more open and seek some form of communication or connection with her surrounding people in more intimate ways. (read studies on girls and boys during their infant years. Huge contrast on how we interact gender wise). Guys don’t, we just don’t, we don’t always like talking or connecting in such a personal way, that’s why we do things, fish, play sports, camp, play paint ball or build things. During this time we can work things out with other guys or with just ourselves. Yup it’s a stereotype, but thats how the system currently works. Read the following article this guys explains what I was trying to say in my first posting, but in more detail

Luis from myspace

I find it interesting that the article itself is written by a man...hmmm...I don't discount some sex diferences (i.e. physical size) and trust me I HAVE done a ton of research in this area however when it comes to football I think this is more an issue of socialization rather than DNA. I could watch baseball all day perhaps baseball is more of a "girl" sport ;)

LOL, thats want i mean, its how we socialize, notthat we are born to wanna watch football. thats what i mean by gender gap difference...hehe

Luis from myspace

hey hun... I can relate. my husband is distracted from July til December. He is a high school football coach for varsity and Jv. My boys both play high school ball.... He also does lifting with the team in the off season so really he IS ALWAYS wrapped up in football. I so feel the pain...

Oh my sympathies Lisa! Though I must admit I expect that my hub will at least assist in coaching when/if our son plays and that seems like a pretty cool thing :) maybe I'll finally enjoy it again once my son plays!

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