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I've started cooking. Don't get me wrong, I've cooked before. However, historically I haven't been the cook in our house. Actually no ones the cook in this house, but if someone had to get credit it would be Dave. He makes a mean grilled cheese and tomato soup. I know we're sad. Well I've learned some important lessons in life. Lesson 1: Too much wine leads to babies. Lesson 2: babies lead to budgets. And now back to the present. I've started cooking...I've been having a lot of fun but the more I cook the more I've realized that my reciepies are limited. In hopes that some of you out there cook too I thought I'd send a plea..."If you have recipies and your not all crazy about family secrets to making food then please please send them my way". I am really enjoying it and I'm pretty sure Dave is too. I just don't know how much more meatloaf we can take.

Hey K, I belong to a small forum just for mamas and mamas to be, and that was a recent thread we started because many of us found ourselves in the same recipe rut. If you want to join us there (I love it, everyone is so awesome and we don't have to feel bad about thinking our kids are super awesome there) email me, and I'll send you the link :-)

Okay Krys - I have a website for you. It is still under development but its the best for recipes. You must try the Pumpkin Shizzle - yes, shizzle.

you do not need to register, just click the search button and all the recipes pop-up. Its super fabulous! Not that I am biased or anything (its ones of James' many sites/projects) Enjoy :)

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