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There is something very special that happens once a year in August. It's the Mendoza Family Reunion. I know most of you are saying "Your not Mexican!!!" ahh but I am and I have proof. Our reunions are filled with beer, food, music, dancing, beer, food, beer...okay you get my drift. And NO I didn't dance. I save my dancing shoes for occasions where no one knows me : ) This reunion was particularly special because my brothers where there. Yup I have siblings. 4 to be exact. My 2 older brothers and my sister and I where at the same place, at the same time for the first time in about 22 years. It was nice. I must admit Mendoza reunions are awesome. It's never anywhere like Hawaii or Tahoe (hello we're Mexican) we party down by the river. We don't need a DJ because we have a cousin Renee that does all the music and singing (and he does it well) but no one really cares because he doesn't start till 9pm and by then well we've enjoyed plenty of food and beer and beer and food. You get my drift. I must admit I enjoy my family and I'm so glad that my son gets an opportunity to experience the Mendoza reunion. I just pity those who aren't Mendoza's or married to one when August rolls around : )
(Uncle, brother, dad, brother)

i love it"It's never anywhere like Hawaii or Tahoe (hello we're Mexican) we party down by the river." lol....yeah are get out hand also...we actually took over a IHOP and a denny's one time...ummmm we were asked to leave from Denny's. I was at

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