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This weekend we celebrated David's birthday. We rented a home in Morro Bay and spent the weekend with some friends. The weather and the views were great. I attempted to make D's birthday cake myself (first & last time). I finished making the cake around 2am (thanks fondit) only to find out it had been loaded up along with 2 tons of luggage unknowingly. By the time the rescue team got to the scene the cake was in critical condition.

I always enjoy D's birthday b/c it gives me a chance to do something fun for him and his friends. I think we are destination birthday people. We love going places and doing stuff for birthdays. The weekend was spent mostly fishing, eating, playing games, and hanging out. Proving my initial hypothesis to be true: nothings better then good friends and good wine!
How do you celebrate birthdays?


How about good sisters?

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  • Foster's: Celebration of Discipline
  • Gawande's : Better
  • Macarthur's: New Testiment Commentary
  • Orman: Women & Money
  • Pausch's: The Last Lecture
  • Rowling's: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Safran's: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • Young's: The Shack

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