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Why Rendering Risch?

I have never "officially" explained the selection of my blog name. I noticed that the first blog for most is an explanation of their selected title or address. I've never done well at explaining myself. I've received a few odd looks when people find out my blog name I figured I would make an attempt at explaining.

RenderingRisch is what I decided on (duh). Yes, it rhymes, but that is not the main reason I selected the title (I'm not that lame, okay I'm pretty lame). To render something has many meanings. When a jury "renders" a verdict they are taking information and providing or giving something back. The French derivation of "rendre" is to give back or yield". I come from the school of thought which believes that everything we do, say, and write reveals a part of who we are (scary I know), even when we are misunderstood. I really started blogging because I'm a communications freak (I've studied various forms and types of communication for years) and I saw blogging as a new form of communication and wanted a fuller grasp on it. I also realized by blogging I would be providing/giving a rendition of how I see the world (frightening I know). In these renditions I would also be revealing a part of myself.

Finally, Rendering is also an action of separating (melting) fatty substance (also considered impurities) from the good stuff. I know that sounds disgusting, I'm sure it is disgusting, but it does provide a unique picture of what happens in relationshiping with God and others. There is an act of rendering or melting away of the impurities within us. These impurities I have often identified myself with and now realize must be melted away so that which is eternal (the good stuff) is all that remains.

So to bring this back around. By rendering risch I, in a sense, recognize that I am revealing or interpreting a part of myself and the world around me through this forum. The purpose of this rendering is for dialogue. Dialogue which exposes myself and others while also providing another means to the melting process which has become me.

There that's all I've got.

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