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If you weren't hanging out at the Russian Baptist Church in Sacramento this weekend then you were missing out! Why? I'll tell you why! John Piper was holding a regional conference on the Pleasures of God. If you don't know who John Piper is, well my friend, your missing out. I think I read something of his for the first time about seven years ago and I can honestly say it changed my life, at least the way I live & look at it.

I am not one for promoting movements or authors or pastors or theologians (perhaps comment on, but not promote) this time I'll make an exception. What I heard this weekend is already available online and I'll be sharing more in detail as I begin to digest it all.

I was so knotted that I missed this - especially that I work for the California Southern Baptists and knew nothing about until last Friday. I'm sure it was a great expereince to interact with Dr. Piper in person. How was it?

It was amazing. I'm still trying to formulate words that express the experience appropriately. Don't worry he's coming back in March. He will be in San Luis Obispo holding a regional conference on Desiring God.

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