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In honour of this holiday I thought I would share my top 10 loves (I'm leaving out the given's, b/c they're givens):

1. Sleeping In. It's rare these day but none less enjoyable.

2. The smell of the world after it rains.

3. PJ paints. God bless comfort.

4. The first cup of coffee in a fresh brewed pot.

5. My toes.

6. Saturday afternoon movies on KMPH. They're all from 1987 and pretty much made for tv but none the less classic.

7. towels straight out of the dryer.

8. A clean house.

9. 9pm. The little ones asleep all is silent and I have complete control of the remote.

10. Hand written letters from friends.

These are in no particular order.

How about you?

i agree with all of the above!!! and would add molten chocolate cake, oh but that may be considered a given. my bad.

Let's see, 10. When Krysten posts in her blog often 9. Reruns of Saved by the Bell 8. DVR, I LOVE fast forwarding to the good part! I can watch 5 episodes of A Baby Story in 7 minutes. 7. Being the first one to put a spoon into a new jar of peanut butter (or ice cream) anything with a smooth surface... 6. Having to money and time to get a skinny cinnamon dolce latte at Starbucks before work 5. when Keegan sleeps through the night (a rarity while teething) 4. Knowing that SOMEDAY I will get to be done breastfeeding 3. a clean, empty kitchen sink 2. flying when the flight is on time and not turbulant 1. Manhattan Beach, CA

10. A peanut butter and Strawberry sandwich on wheat bread slightly toasted with a large glass of milk
9.)The french bakery at figgarden
8.) reading on the beach all day long, probably falling a sleep serveral times losing my place
7.)my very old broken in T-shirts..arhhh i love them
6.) writing..just writing about anything on my mind
5.) awww fresh baked goods..ahhh god i love it, i am getting hungry
4.) the smell of rain
3.) watching lighting
2.) liseing to a song and picking it apart each time i listen to it. i love hearing all the different parts.
1.) play board/card games with friends

Luis from myspace

Happy to see you back on your blog....this one gets a reply from no particular order: 1. Sleeping, in general, but especially during a rain storm. 2. Hot baths with lots of fragrant bubbles (can you say Creme Brulee Honey Bath by Laura Mercier? A piece of heaven right there!). 3. A clean house. 4. The fog of the San Francisco Bay. 5. Reading the paper in my robe with a cup of hot fresh coffee. 6. Not wearing a bra. 7. Driving. 8. Arriving at the airport, time to FLY!! 9. Great chocolate. 10. Being by myself.

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