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Okay so there are people out there that make lots and lots of money designing everything from ivory towers to theatres, but where does the inovation and years of education go when designing the restrooms for such places!!! SERIOUSLY? Please join me here people...We've all had the experiences...even you guys have stalls from what I hear. Now I'm no expert on men's rooms, I've seen a few (on purpose and by accident) but I am an expert on my own experiences. THE LADIES RESTROOM: 1- Umm who fits in these stalls? I'm not a large person but I'm not a pixie either. Now I can walk into a stall but my booty prevents the door from closing. 2- Once the door closes I have just enough room to step over the toilet and grab a cover. Yes, I'm a cover and squat girl, Thank you! 3- unless I rip the middle piece of the cover off it is inevitable that it will fall into the toilet as I pull my pants down. 4- As I am do'n my business I look up only to notice the huge gaping space between the door and the stall wall. Not only can I see those waiting to get my stall but they can see me. Joy. Like it's not hard enough to fight performance anxiety when you can see the shoes of those too the left and right of you. and lets not even go into what those shoes say about who those people are...Seriously, who had the bright idea to make the gap between the door and the lock on the stall 2 inches in width? Am I alone in this? Does anyone else experience restroom frustration?

i entered a very deep depression near the end of my pregnancy when i attempted to enter a stall at edwards (our local movie theatre) and i could almost not shut the door due to belly enlargement. f%$k if i didnt have to use the handicap stall from then on!

I am a big girl...on my way down, but to date still big. I fully agree with you on all 1-4 points. I would now like to add a 5th. Of coarse you have to cover and squat because people are to add to it #5 Automatic toilets. You have no room, barely covering and squating, fighting gravity to keep balanced in a small filthy space...then the damn toilet automatically flushes while you are still squatn'! Only God knows the horrors being sprayed on your most precious parts. ARRR!

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