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So this is directed mostly toward the lady readers out there but please gentlemen chime is as desired. According to the most recent information available through the World Health Organization (WHO) the life expectancy at birth is 75 for men and 80 for women. So I ask you what are you doing with your additional 5 years?

Enjoy a very clean more falling in the toilet in the middle of the night!!!

Ok, never mind the blog. MAN!!! ARE YOU SKINNY!!!! Given the belly isn't exposed. I have NEVER seen your face so skinny. You are beautiful, but I would like to see some meat Just about 5-10 lbs. Sorry, Haven't seen you in a bit and it was a little shocking to me. But you are beautiful as always. xoxoxo

Honestly, I love my husband a LOT and I think having 5 years to sit around and miss him when he's gone is really crappy. My other theory is that those figures are based on people who are currently at their life expectancy and our generation of full-time working full-time mommy type women will actually die sooner too from exhaustion. There, now wasn't that encouraging!

Just to clarify these are PRESENT life expectancy at birth rates. So keep telling me what you'll do with those 5 years...

enjoy every hot damn minute without him! ha!

you see guys, this why men try to date younger women, so they won't ever have to be alone!

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