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I have been in turmoil (internally) recently and its manifested in my attitude toward my home, but rooted deeper than just the structure itself. Perhaps it was brought on by my recent bedrest or the coming addition to mi familia or my consumerism, for whatever reason I have an attitude problem and I'm projecting it on my house. It started with a simple statement "we need MORE space" and has perpetuated into some very enlightened conversations/dialogues. Thus far I am still processing but have concluded the following: 1. I have been cursed with the American dream to which I have the "RIGHT" to certain desires. 2. These desires are defined subconsciously and consciously by people, organizations, and companies I don't know and who don't know me. 3. These rights look like the newest, the biggest, and the best. 4. 1-3 only further pull me and distract me from what my soul needs and longs for. 5. My rights expressed in my attitude are rooted in my values and beliefs. 6. I do not want to admit these are my values and beliefs. 7. My children will follow me. 8. I'm rich.
It's time that we took a moment to realize just how much STUFF we have. The wonderingwomen link (here) is a good reminder of just how rich we really are.

If any part of this is a road you've walked, known, wrestled, ran, or never even contemplated I invite you to join the conversation.

I'm with you on this...I find it so hard sometimes to remember how much I really have. (It shouldn't be that hard since it's all falling down and piled up around me in our 900 sq. ft. house!) I used to think that it was just the DC area that was doing it to me until I realized that I've struggled with this for years. I don't like to think of myself as being "consumed with consumerism" but it's there:( I'm trying really hard to work on this within myself because, you're right, our kids will follow us. I already see it in kid #1 when her eyes light up when we walk through the doors of Target. I've got to find a way to break the cycle...
Thanks for being so real about this! I'm glad that you're up and running (so to speak) again. Your face does look really, really skinny. Go eat and feed that baby! Love ya.

I have a lot to say in response to this, but for now I recommend a movie: rent "The Czech Dream", a very enlightening documentary about consumerism, advertising, and "the dream" of new, better, bigger, no matter what country you are in. I found it at Hollywood video, a foreign film from the Czech republic. I think you would enjoy it, based on this post.

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