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I will make a lame attempt at describing the poop on wheels I saw today. It was a classic old school Chrysler with a guy who resembled Milton Waddams from office space behind the wheel. There was so much bird dookie on the car you could barely see anything through the windshield. My thought "the birds! the birds!".
So really what does it take for you to wash your car?


Well, obviously not as much as the guy with the poop car in relation to the outside...but I have to admit my car gets embarrassing. And since I practically live in my car being a sales rep, it gets bad inside. I would have to say when it gets to the point where I can't go grocery shopping because my trunk is full of "stuff" and my back seat is full of "crap" (ie: empty water bottles and coffee cups, clothes, etc.) then I break down and do the job right. I thought about doing that today, but that nasty little disease called procrastination reared its ugly head...maybe tomorrow. It is time to go shopping!! Lesley
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