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Michael Bolton Vs. Babyface

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So on the drive back from the central coast (cali) Dave and I once again embark on the "Michael Bolton conversation." Back story: It came out over a relaxing evening of TV watching that my significant other rather enjoys Michael Bolton. After a good chuckle (hahahehehehahahahHAHAHA) I moved on, but have continued to find ways to bring up this guilty pleasure of his. I mean really Bolton? Have you met my husband? If you have than you understand this only further complicates "that which is David." So today we're in the car and my trusty nano shuffles to "everytime I close my eyes" by Babyface the conversation goes something like this:

D: Okay I get a hard time for Michael Bolton but it's okay to listen to this?

K: Umm excuse me? Babyface is way better than M.B. !!!

D: You've got to be kidding it's merely a easy listening preference.

K: Oh My GOSH! Fine I'm blogging to see...

So Michael Bolton or Babyface?

I'd pick Babyface over Michael any day. Now I'm getting a little giggle about the idea of David liking M.B. Never would have thought it!

hahahahaha, hey leave dave alone...hmm i might lean a little more to babyface, i don't like either, i am more of a Brian Adams guy...LOL....

Luis from myspace

"He should change his name, he's the one who sucks".

I determine these kinds of "who-I-like-better-quizzes" by who would beat the crap out of the other person in a real fight.
I think Bolton would kick tiny Babyface's #%?@ in a real fight, which makes him more manly, so I guess I'm going with Bolton. Unless Babyface knows jiujitsu or some crazy stuff, which I seriously doubt.

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