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Today I had a conflict with another person because I was unwilling to discuss my households financial information. I don't talk finances with others unless they are "money people" (investors, brokers, bankers). I know internally I lose my breath on occasion when someone mentions how much they spent on a house, car, toy (yes I'm judgemental and I'm the first to say I need to work on my own finances). To be honest I'm really working through my own love of money and stuff b/c I'm sick of my own American perspective. Furthermore, the person I was conversing with is not someone open to other ideas different from their own. So I immediately see the illusive red flag and attempt to steer clear, no luck. The other person in the conversation grew up differently and believes financial information should be shared. The conversation had nothing to do with financial need, pursuits, or desires it actually was about the cost of tires, go figure. So it got me thinking...How do others deal with financial conversations?

What are your thoughts?

Do you share financial information? If so, with who? Or who wont you share it with?

What do you consider off limits in conversations?

i think as soon as you start saying numbers, you're trying to prove something. But, since I'm a financial advisor, I talk to clients all day about their finances. Some people just don't like doing it, and some are open books...

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