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I was thinking about what people wear to church today. Being that it's Easter and this is one of two holidays when all the "christians" come out to play I found myself on the way to church thinking about church. Hang with me here...

On the way to church we did one of the many things you can do to prepare yourself for a sermon. We caffinated ourselves at *bucks. We juiced the little one up with sugar b/c we were drop'n him off at the nursery so heck why not?. We were late to our usual location of worship so we decided to join some friends at another local/venue down the street and a few blocks over (literally). So we entered a different *bucks.

I love visiting different starbucks. Outside of the various collections of "mugs I must own" and french presses I tend to covet each *bucks tends to carry it's own personality. This one was freakishly friendly so I decided I would join in. I made a point to nod and "hello" each person in *bucks. This included the neighborhood pimp who happens to be quite friendly.

I had to say hello. He was smoke'n in his pinstripe suit which he managed to tie in with a purple scarf and phenomenal hat. I'm pretty sure his shoes were purple. I mean seriously, here I am on my way to church and the most creative I got with my attire was managing makeup. oh the shame.

Seriously, I'm sure he's not a pimp but if I could give him an occupation...

As we loaded our caffinated selves up to head down the street I contemplated what people wear to church. For years I sat through and joined in various conversations about what people should/do wear to church (seriously,is this being about the kingdom? Anyhoo). I love how you can go to one church and the mass population is do'n the flip flop thing and the next week go to another and you'll see hats and nylons.

I wonder why people choose what they choose to wear to church? I know it's not always based on how one dress' regularly b/c I've seen you and you never wear slacks unless its sunday.

So what do you think? Does it matter? can a pimp come to your church? Do you get angry when people judge others on their clothing? Should people be asked not to wear certain things? Is it dishonoring to come into a corporate setting in a mini skirt or a tee shirt that says "I make good babies"? Is it purely a location thing (i.e. the South vs. California)? Is it cultural? Any thoughts?

By the way I saw my *bucks pimp friend at church this morning (nice) and next week I'm bringing a fan!!!



I know it sounds so basic, but I think the most important thing is that a person made the effort to go to church. Who cares what they wear. Ok, that is my non-judgmental side speaking...

I think purple is the universal pimp color.

first: i love that totally random squat lean thing you're doing in that picture. it made me giggle. so youre blog job is complete.

B: a pimp could totally come to my church, i would actually prefer a pimp and ho only church...but thats just me

lastly: i do not get angry when people judge others by what they wear....come one krystin, we'd have to then be mad at ourselves and thats just not very healthy.

thridly: titus is the cutest!

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