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Screw Prince Charming bring me a dwarf!!!

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Alright it's official. Ugly men are better hubby's. That's right men if you lack what some consider "Desirable" physical features then its time to hit the clubs, grocery stores, yoga classes, college groups, and sorority row because there's some extremely attractive women searching for you.

Dave and I play the "Who Won" game on occasion but I never considered the effects of a partner being more or less attractive then the other. That is until now. According to a recent study by Jim Mcnulty men who are more attractive (physically) than their wives tend to be less emotionally supportive and the ladies are less satisfied in their marriages.

If your wife is quite the hottie and you know you lucked out, well that's a whole different story. Really, it is. Higher satisfaction rates for both spouses are found when the wife is more attractive than her man and her man, be him average or nerdy, is all around more emotionally available and supportive. your telling me Snow White should have stuck with her 7 dwarfs? Maybe?

I confess to recently having played a few rounds of Who Won. I don't want to know in my case, I think I won.... I'd rather not know though.

Wouldn't dwarves have issues because of short man syndrome though????

its true..(sigh)...(awkward silence) see he THINKS I won...when actually HE won...but it totally doesnt count if he doesnt know it. what do you do with that one?

anyone know any fugly men?

LOL...this one amused me, and your friends comments are great...

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