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He Won

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As I have admitted before I occasionally enjoy Peoples Magazine. As I was catching up on my celebrity dirt (pretending that I don't have 20 other things to do) I found out that Salma Hayek had a baby. I truly don't care about Hayeks' ongoings and I really would never conceive of blogging about Salma, only I saw a picture of her and her "baby's daddy". There's this neat little game Dave & I started playing when we were dating. When we waited for a movie or shopped at the mall we found this little game helped pass the time and was entertaining. We would spy a couple and vote on "who won". It's based solely on attributes that are considered socially attractive (ex. appearance, clothing, car...) cruel I know. So you see a gal who you would say was a 7 on the socially attractive scale and then their significant other is off the charts. Well...she won. I know it's mean and judgemental but when you're 19 it's hugely entertaining (that's my disclaimer). Oh and admit it some of you have done it too. Back to the purpose of all this disclosure and workings of a 19 yr. old mind. I found myself playing this game again today with Salma and Francois-Henri Pinault (baby daddy). He Won!

You better believe he WON...Salma is HOT!!..cough cough i mean a very attractive woman


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