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When I Die

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Have you thought about your funeral? Today I went to a funeral and I started thinking about my own death. I know to some it's morbid or disturbing to talk about death but in reality it's natural and inevitable (for most). If anything concerning death freaks you out then I advise you to stop reading. We as a society tend to do everything we can to prolong death, I on the other hand have decided to take an evening and embrace it. So I decided a few things today:

1. I need a living will. If you don't have one you should. If you think you don't need one, your wrong.

2. If I'm over 70 yrs. of age I do not want all heroics taken to save me. I will be a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate).
3. If machines will have to keep me alive or if I am brain dead please let me go! I don't want to hang out in a hospital for ten years while others pray for a miraculous intervention (not to bash those that are praying for others right now I just don't want that myself). I would rather go hang out with THE Father.

4. At my funeral I don't want people to pretend like I was great and wonderful and perfect (I'm not...shocking I know). I want a Eulogy that is real and honest. I want a ceremony that seizes the moment to reflect on the magnificence of God in life AND death.

5. I don't want a grave site.

6. I don't want a "celebration of life" ceremony. I say show up at beach, bring some bottles of wine (grigio, please), say something true, toast, and scatter my ashes (dust to dust and ashes to ashes). Heck, bust out a guitar and play some Harper.

So there you have it. I've spent some time pondering my death and that's what I've processed so far...If anything changes I'll let you know. Hmm...Maybe a pinot nior?

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