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I just want to give a shout out to the bird that attempted to commit Hari Cari this morning on the window of the office I was attempting to write my essay in. It was nice symbolism for the current emotion I was experiencing at the time. I suppose it was more like a head plunge rather than a knife through the gut for those of you who cling to accuracy.

Though the attempt was unsuccessful I can reassure you, little bird full of angst, that you are not alone in this great big world and we all have days where we feel like ramming our head straight into a window while attempting a nose dive. Thank you for reminding me that the head into window option often results in a moment of stunned pain but ultimately leave me with the need to go back to what I was doing and a gigantic headache.

Those of us who cling to accuracy think you may be referring to Hari-KIRI. Hari Cari was an actor and baseball broadcaster. :) Sorry could let it go.

See what happens when you reference wikipedia for spell check...

I distinctly remember someone chastising her students for using wikipedia as a reference. I should have her talk to you. Oh wait...

hahahahahah dude this one cracked me up, wikipedia...haha i would comment more but no need....

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