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Today I was walking around Fresno State's campus. I was contemplating my new found reality that this was no longer my home. Well in a sense it never was but for awhile it was one of my many educational homes. I was thinking about what it was like to be a college freshman, ditching lectures to catch Freddie Prinz jr. movies (I really was a different person), stressing over finals, the smell of spring on campus a mix of the amazing trees that inhabit the campus and all the fast food provided by the student union. I was also thinking about my anxiety entering my first seminar as a graduate student (how I cried for hours to david afterward b/c I didn't know half the words people used during the seminar). I thought about the first day of the first class I taught and the strange euphoria I experienced staring at all these first time freshman. Things really do come full circle in a way.

Now I'm walking around campus almost giving my good-byes. I know I'll be back. heck I may never finish, but no matter what after may 16 things will be different. I realized I'm an ADULT. Not in the I wear stretch waist, high water mom pants or anything but in the "one of these things is not like the other" way. I'm not that 18 year old, with the middle part and uber long hair, with my gap tank, and fake tan. I'm not unsure of what I want or who I want to be. I may not be who I want to be fully, but I know now. It's this understanding that I was reckoning upon my walk around campus. I've grown up.

Then I got to the Faculty parking lot and I saw this:

My thought ended with a revelation: despite what we come to know or who we come to be, toys like people, only become bigger!

What?!! It's for sale and you didn't note the price? Girl, I cudda sold a lot of carpet in that machine!

Seriously, only in Fresno can you find such creative masterpieces.

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