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I walked. I accepted fake diploma. I fake smiled till it hurt. I was REALLY proud. Mostly I was proud that my son could be there, regardless of his ability to recall the event. So many reasons to quit and too few to commit. But the few were the important ones...

Wow, I am so super proud of you!!! You go girl. And yes, you are SUPERWOMAN!! Love you and miss you,


Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment especially as the mom of a young child. I'm sure you made some sacrafices to finish. Way to go!

My VERY first time ever reading anyones blog and I was so exctied to see this! You look great and I know all the work behind the fake diploma was SO worth all the fake smiling! =) (did that make sense) I am so proud of you and wish I could've been there.

Love you.

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