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Parking lot "session"

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So in my teens I must admit I experienced the occasional "parking" w/ boy interaction. Oddly, most ended in arguments typically not the intended interaction. I was really quiet a prude (probably still am) and so these occasions were rare in themselves and never rounded for home. One of the few times I did "park" we were interrupted by a police officer who asked us to relocate ourselves (yes I felt so classy).
The other day I walk out of the savemart proud of the $11 saved and the fact that I found a parking spot one from the front (a coveted mom spot at 11am). As I was loading the car up I looked down and spotted a open condom wrapper in the most coveted parking spot. Some initial thoughts popped in my head: 1.When is sex this urgent? 2. Who has sex in the closest parking spot to the store front? 3. What ever happened to "making out" 4.Not exactly what I expect to find when coming out of the grocery store. 5.At least protection was a priority.

(sorry camera phone did not do image justice)

Where was the oddest place you made-out?
Did you ever get "caught"?

I prefer seeing the wrappers in the store parking lot to the elementary playgrounds (oft found there while I worked with kiddos) but gross either way. Don't trash Fresno.

LOL "your such a MOM"...
hmm lets see well i never got caught... probably helps that i have only ever kissed/madeout with one

Luis from myspace

I had to tell you that I can honestly say... that yes sex can be that urgent! Sorry but I do read your blog and find it very you.. In a good way:)

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