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Freak'n eh

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So I ventured down the freakiest isle in target. I have never been down this row before. I didn't know target had a whole section dedicated to this. It was like living out my worst nightmare.


Reasons for freaky-ness:
1. Whole row is covered in pink. Every doll comes in a pink box (something seriously wrong here).
2. All dolls had eyes that followed me. I'm not paranoid, really.
3. As I approached a doll the row of dolls below began speaking to me. NOT KIDDING. It was more like a cry and a "mamma", but really it was So wrong.
4. I hate dolls. Think of an old school horror movie most had dolls or referenced dolls.
5. If my kids want to play mommy they can have a fake vaccuum and a mop, but they CANNOT have a child!!!

RUUUUN! DONT EVER GO DOWN THIS ISLE AGAIN. I dont. Never. I glance hesitantly as i quickly walk by. Its like the isles alive. I hate it. And i REFUSE to talk little down that isle. NO. Its not gonna be me that introduces that stuff. NO NO NO. I settled for a cabbage patch doll. Thats as far as i'll go. But im safe so far as her favorite seems to be the cheap plastic horse from the dollar store affectionately named 'naaaaaah!'

So I'm not as "anti-doll" as you obviously are, but I wasn't going to be the type to run to the dreaded doll section and run up the credit card. I tried steering Faith towards blocks, crayons and other toys but she fell in LOVE at a yard sale with a little doll. Faith was only 20 months old and looked up at me with the "please, please mommmy" eyes and I was doomed. Plus the doll, which Faith promptly named "Lola" was only 25 cents. Can't beat that. Well our darling Lola has been with us for 4 years now. She's been on all of our vacations, moves and has been sooooooo loved. So, I'm not so anti-doll anymore, but don't even get me started on the talking dolls though....they're just weird, bordering on scary. If the girls want their doll to talk, they're going to have to make the voices themselves.

Welcome to the world of little girls!!!

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