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Meet Sissy

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To expand on why I experienced the doll isle. Please meet "sissy":

Since we are on count down to the arrival of a baby girl. We thought it best to prepare our first born. So how do you prepare a 16 month old?

Obvious solution; introduce a plastic painted doll covered in pink and play mind games with the kid. Alright when I put it that way it sounds a bit cruel. We actually have really good intentions...does that count?

We got a "sissy" doll since we thought it would be the best way to introduce kiddo 1 to the idea of a kiddo 2. We hang with "sissy" and kiss sissy and talk about how really cool she is and so far my kiddo is buying it. Well, that is with the exception of the day he tried to poke her eye out but hey, we all feel that way now and again.

So there you have it. doll isle = impostor sissy. I hope he doesn't prefer the doll when the real sissy shows up.

it is my hope he gets so extremely attached to this doll that is become a life or death situation should you try to get rid of it...and thus, david has a son whose pink girl doll never ever leaves his side. (sorry i cant help it, the picture just makes me smile and giggle lots and lots)

I saw Sissy last night. She was between the top of the couch and the wall. I hope that is not where Corinth will sleep ;-)

I'm with Holly. It really would be hilarious if it became his favorite toy. I'm glad you broke down and got a doll. I know some of them are freaky, but my girls are in love with them!

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