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Mikey will eat it

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So today I find my first born smacking his lips with an almost empty bottle of nail polish in one hand and the cap/brush in the other. YUM?
After having my freak out moment David preps Titus for the ER and I call poison control. He's fine and we didn't have to go.
Titus:3/ Mom:0. You win again kid, you win again.
The rest of my evening will be spent listening to my child breath through the monitor and thanking God for every breath.

When you were a kid did you consume anything considered "non-edible"?

I can't believe it tasted good enough to drink! Titus is seriously fearless. I'm so glad he will be just fine, but man, whatta scare!!!!

well, my mom found me hanging out by a cat litter box chomping away....and my brother swallowed an entire bottle of perfume once, and we survived!

lets see, i have ate, dirt, mud, in kindergarden we would challenge each other to sqeeze elmers glue into our mouth(it was the man thing to do back then) ate a bug in high school during a cross country race..i was breathing and it few in to my mouth i was like sweet protein hit during the race...ummmm...stepped on Licorice...theres more but i can't remember it all...

Luis from myspace

Well....not me, but our brother Shannon ate a cigar and he use to always get caught in the frig eating cubes of butter. YOUR brother Jeremy use to eat really gross things, but since your friends will be reading this I wont share here.

Oh..and you use to eat tortilla with American cheese, Catsup, and white onions when you where itty bitty. Yes, it is food...but I would consider it un-edible.

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