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I change my mind often as of lately. I really can't imagine why? My sister used to say I was one of the most decisive people she knew...not anymore. WARNING: this is another blog about baby stuff.

So I had the bedding for the nursery. Amongst other stuff. I went up stairs to look at it and decide how I was going to put a feminine touch on it and then I realized something. I couldn't. The bedding I selected was neutral to the core (which I usually love), but I looked at this bedding and suddenly became reflexive (not a real rarity for me).

As I "diagnosed" the bedding I realized I had selected it based on 2 reasons. 1. it was easy to use just in case this little one came out a dude and 2. deep down inside I was STILL having a hard time accepting that I was really having a little girl. The purchase of the nursery bedding was my own way of saying...a girl is just to good to be true and I'm not buying it so I'd rather keep my heart "safe". YES I got all that from staring at my kids bedding. ha. (a look into the mind of krystin...scary).

So obviously I had to sit there in this room and reconcile with myself and God. It's true that there is the chance that this little one could come out a boy (big deal). The hard thing for me is to realize my own deep desire for a little girl (as much as having a daughter raises all my mothering issues to the surface). I had to accept it. One day I'll blog about why this is so difficult, but not today, this is about decorating.

So the bedding was returned. New bedding was purchased. And then came the painting.

I like to put my "stamp" on things. This means I had to paint something. So all the furniture was painted what I refer to as Limow. The perfect mix of Lime & Yellow = Limow. More pictures will follow, but below is the color;

I love that decorating can bring out something deeper! So... what bedding did you pick? I'd like to see it. Love the Limow!

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