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I hit full term this week thus resulting in the loss of even more of my sanity. I decided that it's time to get this baby out!!! I have found a whole new understanding to the word discomfort.

So begins the insanity.

I decided to try all the wive's tales directed at inducing labor. Since I blog I thought I'd share the list with you and perhaps if you know a few yourself you can share or even share what worked for you or your significant other.

Here's the list:

(X)Foot Massage
(X)Olive Garden (secrets in the sauce)
(X)Nipple Stimulation (I kid not)
(X)Exercise (this of course would look like walking for me)
Mac N' Cheese (prepared by spouse)
(X)Spicy Food
(X)Don't Shave
Send spouse on a trip
(X)Unpack hospital bag
Caster Oil
(X)climbing stairs
(X)abdominal pressure (laughing, blowing up balloons)

So here's the list. I am embarking on trying each one till something works.

does spicy tuna rolls count. cus i could go for some sushi. lets do it!

I'd second the spicy food and sending spouse on a trip....I went into labor with H after a a big bowl of spicy Chinese noodles and 5 hours after sending J back to work 2 hours away. Oh, my mom had also given me a few highlights, perhaps it was the fumes in a small bathroom?
Good luck and here's to hoping Baby C makes her appearance soon! I'm thinking about/praying for you!

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