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The nursery is almost done, but here is a picture from the process. As you can see the Limow turned out favorably, at least in my opinion. Oh and please ignore the ugly mobile, we used it with titus and he loved it so it's not really there for "pretty" as much as functional.

Bravo my dear friend, that Limow is fabulous. It looks like you are all nested and I am betting probably very ready for that baby to make a grand entrance. I am dying to know what name you have picked out....when is your due date by the way? Hope you are staying cool in that heat. Lots of love, Lesley

it looks great! can't wait until i have a room to decorate with LOTS of pink stuff! hope you're doing well, and looking forward to seeing the new one!
love ya.

Great job mama! She's gonna love it!

Looks great!
Let me know if you want/need any "I'm going crazy with two children under the age of two" advise. I'm here for ya!

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