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So claps and applause to Craigslist who managed to rid me of my husbands truck in 23 hours! If you have ever met me it is likely that you have heard a "truck" story from me. I had a hate relationship with my husbands truck. reasons I hated "the truck":
1. I didn't want to buy it. We were not in agreement over this purchase and I pulled a Mercutio("a plague on both your houses") type deal, but directed toward his dang purchase.
2. It had no A/C (I've lived in the valley for 22 years, I didn't know they made cars without air conditioning)
3. it had 540,000 miles (What the...)
4. The first time I caved and rode in it I was on my way to work from a wedding and the passenger tire blew out.
5. The second and last time I rode in it I couldn't get the door open (the panel in front of the door above the passenger tire folded in, thus preventing the door from opening. All I did was "try" to open the door)
6. The blinker light on the driver's side fell off while on the freeway.
7. There was nothing to like about it.

To sum: I will ALWAYS remember "the truck." And I am thankful to craigslist that it is no longer taking space up in our garage.

Any purchases you've made and regretted?

See now...if you would have shown a little love the tiny truck it would have treated you remember what i told you about mistreating your computer..they have attitude and will retaliate against

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