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Catch 22

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I love Fresno for many reasons (I know it's a shocker). We have so many activities and things to do right in our own backyard. Fresno has great trails for walking, running, and biking. Not to mention all the lakes and for the real locals "the slew". Plus we have Yosemite just up the mountain and the beach only a couple hours away. We also have some great parks, a couple water parks, the zoo, ultimate Frisbee field, Kings river, white water rafting, golfing, and much much more.

Here's the problem, the Catch 22 if you will: It's too FRIGGIN HOT to go outside. that's right. we only get 2 decent weeks a year to live out all these activities before the air quality is considered unhealthy and the temperature peaks or drops. I've decided to push beyond the Catch 22. I refuse to let this "Catch" hold me back from activities (see I can be the optimist). So we took the kids to the Japanese Gardens in Woodward Park.

I walked away with a few thoughts:

1. Wow. There's a lot of Peacocks in Japan or at least in their gardens?!
2. The Gardens are beautiful and once again I'm astounded by natures true Artist.
3. Gardens only keep an 18 month old's attention for umm...10 minutes.
4. When it's 105 degrees outside and your surrounded by water your not allowed to go in that's considered cruelty.
5. I'm not an optimist and it's too FRIGGIN HOT to enjoy the town I live in.
6. People who jog through the park at 5am aren't actually stupid.

I commend you for attempting the culturally rich experience in spite of the heat. I'm sorry it bit you in the butt in the end, hope there were at least a few good moments!

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