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After a $500 PG & E bill we decided eating out was on the back burner for awhile. Honestly, our biggest energy bill up till this summer was about $150 (ever). I know you can hate me later. Only we opened our bill this month to find a big surprise. I swore I heard evil laughter from the envelope as I tore that puppy open. The bill should have included a letter that read "heard you had another baby, congrats, thought we'd just add to the reality of your bills".

This leads to tonight's dinner. I refuse to go to the store till I have someone to help me (aka Mom) so I stood in front of my pantry tonight trying to conceive of something to make. hmmm...can canned corn and pinto beans count as a meal? Answer: in any other country but America. This left me with the anxiety of having to be kitchen creative.

I LOVE cooking but I don't love thinking of something to cook off the top of my head. My mom was always good with stuff like that but not me. I'm too structured. So knowing a run to the store was out of the question and still hearing the laughter coming from my PG & E bill I dove into my freezer.

The findings were frightful...really. ground beef from 2007, UM (Unidentifiable Meat), shrimp I don't remember buying, frost bitten popsicles, and orange juice concentrate. I managed to throw together a personal favorite we call Sunday Chicken along with a decent salad. I was impressed with myself to say the least.

How about you? What have you been able to throw together on a whim? What have you succumbed to consuming unexpectedly?

Some of my best meals have come from having to use anything in the kitchen I can find. Actually it is usually everything in the kitchen I can find, because at that point you are usually down to nothing. So, last time I was in Fresno at Dad's I used everything in his kitchen I could find. He loved it. I pulled out his handy dandy roaster/crock pot. Through in a whole Chicken, Leeks, Carrots and Apples. Poured in some chicken broth. Seasoned the Chicken with garlic, salt, pepper, thyme and sage. Then dusted the apples with a little pumpkin pie spice. I think that is it? Never made it before, but I would make it again.

Oh, before I put the pumkin pie spice on the apples I squeezed an orange over them.

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