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I raved a few weeks ago about my affinity toward Mr. Bateman. Well since the new arrival joined us we have been a bit more withdrawn and much more stuck on the couch. So a good friend brought by Arrested Development and said "this is a must" and she was right. Both of us were addicted. we laughed and then laughed some more. there are few shows in life that one can watch and go "what the heck just happened"?

The series is over which is sad and boo on us for not keeping it around while shows like according to jim begin their 8th season. But there is an up side. All three seasons can be viewed consecutively and commercial free. And I hear there's talk of a movie (internal excitement welling up).

I do feel at this point a warning is necessary. If you feel that "friends" was too risque then this is not a show for you. You will not like this show. You should not rent this series. But when you get over that or when curiosity takes over....go laugh your head off!

I mean seriously, how do you beat a show whose narrator is Ron Howard? huh?

Go HERE to find out more about the show!

we watched all 3 seasons in Myka's first 6 weeks...and laughed...a lot! there were quite a few times when we had to stop it because matt was laughing so hard. glad to hear you enjoyed it!

One of our all time favorites. This series and The Office are the only shows I repeatedly watch on my ipod.

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