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Evil Trick

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Today I am having one of those "foggy" days. I woke up kind of feeling out of it and never shook the feeling. So around 10am I decided the best way to deal was COFFEE. A personal favorite of mine.

I brewed a nice cup of caffeine and sat down with an assurance inside that soon I would be up and going. I knew within moments I would be able to tackle the laundry, dishes, and floors, oh and the 19 month old and new born rolling around on the rug.

20 minutes go by and nothing....still foggy. hmm...I get up and walk over to the coffee machine for further investigation. and what do I find? DECAF!!!

Oh, it's gonna be one of those days.

ohhhh that sucks. i crave caffeine right now. sigh. to bad when I have caffeine any later that 3 in the afternoon i am LITERALLY up till 3 or 4 in the morning! LITERALLY! i can't tell you how many time i have made that mistake in the past few months.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! That is a cruel twist of fate!

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