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NUTS???? So here's a little something for those of you who don't know. I HATE clutter. Next to Fake People and Filth it's in my top three. So here's the problem...My house IS clutter.

My house looks 1/3 daycare, 1/3 design to sell (before they've sold), & 1/3 laundry day.
So I've decided to do some Fall Cleaning.

I could act disgusted over needing to do this but truly I'm pretty excited. I love to tidy. I'm lame I know. So there you have it: Clutter drives me nuts. What about you?

Um...Wanna come over to my house and de-clutter it????

You know this could be part of the reason for your foggy day yesterday. When my house is cluttered it makes me feel unmotivated and just blah! Jes gets moody. We both HATE clutter. I bet you feel much better after the clean-up. When everything is in it's place I feel more calm. clutter around you makes for a cluttered mind.

Can you set your blog to e-mail me when you have a new post? please

Never, ever come to my house then. I like to say I have an "organized mess" (aka: clutter)

The thing that drives me nuts is a lack common/basic considerations & manner: saying excuse me, please & thank you, letting other trhough the door first

key word: basic

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