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So here's the proof. I'm not a bow and lace type of gal. I used to be until I was about 4 and discovered dirt/sandboxes. Since then its all been downhill.

Today I decided to create some shock and awe so here you go: Presenting Cor in Bows...


and here

And Finally here!


I LOVE IT! You know, you just might end up with a girly-girl on your hands who DEMANDS dresses and lace!

and that is not just a bow...i see rhinestones as well! too cute!!

Haha! I see you're coming to the dark, or rather, pink side:) She's so cute, but I'm sure she'd be just as cute in whatever you put her in. Adorable!

I am worried friend. Bows, ruffly skirt. I may be tempted to think that indeed, you like to girly-girly things. But with Halloween approaching there will be a lot of black outfits about. I will pick you up some. All is not lost :-) But...she is so dang cute all dressed up like that! Ah, the struggle. Good luck.

Holy cow how she's changed and grown! I like the bow, it is cute. The pink-side of life isn't so bad at all :-)

I love the bow! I was a tomboy too, until I had miss Sophia, and now I'm turning girly right along with her! :)

She is so gorgeous and peaceful!

I love the pictures. She is so beautiful!!! Now you have to send me more pictures as soon as you that I know you have some :]

I love her little bloomer pants/skirt. I can't wait to show Jes!

I'm back looking at these pictures again and she doesn't even look real. She looks like one of those baby dolls that they make to look real but you can still see it is a doll. I just LOVE her hair. What a beauty!!! She has your long feet, toes and fingers.
You are sooooo blessed!

[blank stare. no expression. silence]

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