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8:45pm: *ring ring*

Me: "Hello" (slightly annoyed by the once again untimeliness of the telemarketer)

Telemarketer: "Hi this is Charles Manson from Datascension"

8:46 (and some change)
Me: "Are you kidding? Please don't call again my kids are asleep and...."(hung up on)

Me: "Did he just say Charles Manson?"

oh that had to be a prank call....or is it called a crank call?

You just have to put yourself on the do not call list. Then when they call you just tell them you are on the do not call list and they apologize and hang up. They are not allowed to call you once you are on the list.

Since when did Carles get to make out going calls? Scary! You should of said "Oh, hi. I'm Lizzy Bordin" Then asked him if he wanted 42.

@ becoming whole: Ha. I wish I would have put it together quick enough to do that.

I am on the do not call list. I guess they just don't see us.

Good, so when they call that is all you should say. "I am on the do not call list" It might take a year of doing that, but you will notice the calls will stop. Now the only ones I get are from like the police or fire department once a year, because we have given in the past. Once in a great while ATT will call, but they can because we are a customer. But that is it. No more randoms.

Love you

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