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A Good Deed

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At least that's what I thought I was doing. I found myself visiting downtown the other day. There's only a few reasons you go downtown.
Reason 1: You work there.
Reason 2: you have jury duty, are on trial, in jail, need a certificate of some kind. In other words you have business to take care of.
Reason 3: You are either artsy or feux artsy and/or wanting to hang at full circle brewery (if you haven't been you should).
Reason 4: you go to a religious gathering down there (Cornerstone, 1st Presbyterian, AA).
Reason 5: Your working your corner or have the "other kind" of business to attend to. I digress...

So those are a broad 5 reasons but they cover most needs for hanging downtown. My reason was along the lines of #2 (I needed a certificate). So as I'm walking towards M street I have some change in my pocket and decide to help meters who have run out of minutes.

I always think to myself..."self, what happen to the days when people did good deeds just for the sake of helping out?" So here I am with extra change and empty meters. It makes sense, so I start pop'n coins in....Then came meterman.

Meterman was not happy that I was helping out. I didn't realize that he was just a few cars down from me until I hear "You know it helps the city". As in: you know it helps the city if people get tickets! OMG, you kid right? I'm being reprimanded because the city only makes 10 cents off my dime I deposited in a meter opposed to the $20 or so dollars that are made if these people conducting business are ticketed.

Where have all the good people gone?
Perhaps, they're the ones parking in handycap even though they don't have the proper license or in the fire lane to "just run in" for a second. Maybe they're just helping out?

Reason 6:Indoor Flea Market
Reason 7: International Festival

These are the two reasons I go down town.

I read somewhere that in some cities it is against the law to put money in someone's meter other then your own.

You know if that same meterman had an expired meter when he was off duty, he'd be kissing your feet. You'd think that would be one less ticket he'd have to write, unless it's a commission thing, but I don't think public servants get commission. If so, I'd like an extra bonus for every student that passes my class.

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