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Alright folks what time do you wake up at?

Oh goodness, what time did he make you get up? Usually I wake at 7:30 but hopefully that will change soon when I have kids. Did I just wish to be woken up at god forsaken hours? Oh, ignorance is bliss sometimes. Love ya.

I love the bedhead!!

My days of sleeping in for the summer are over, because the kids are back to school in the morning. And the school district has decided to change the school start time from 8am to 7:30am. That's a big difference in sleep times!

During the work week, 6am. Yes, that's right, me, up at 6am...the things you do for a paycheck! On weekends, 10-11am. I love my sleep! How about you? Or do you sleep at all?

I honestly cant tell you what time my kids wake up. I however wake up at 7:32. My kids play happily in their bed/crib until I get them out at 7:40 - just in time for 8am breakfast! :) Love the pic of your son - too cute!

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